This one’s for me – a re-woven shirt underway

This one's for me - a re-woven shirt underway. It is pinned to the weaving board and the first half of the weaving is nearly complete.

I make (or remake) a lot of stuff but it rarely gets diverted to my personal closet. That was made all too clear when I was mentally preparing for an event and realized that none of my made-by-me, made-for-me options were right for spring. So this one’s for me – a green with green re-woven shirt that can serve as a comfortable extra layer.

At the studio there’s a gray and black one that I really like but I need a different colour scheme.

Gray and black tunic made from a man's gray business shirt with black bands woven in for shaping and neckline trim.
Gray and black all-cotton tunic made from a man’s shirt and black cloth strips.

There’s also a sunny bright surfboards shirt that’s a lot of fun, but it’s more casual than I want for this event.

Re-woven shirt with yellow background, palm trees, and bright surfboards.  Made from a man's shirt and t-shirt pieces.
Re-woven surfing shirt. The waistband is woven with t-shirt yarn so it’s a bit stretchy.

So I’m at the weaving board for my own custom made re-woven shirt. That doesn’t happen often. I hope it gets done in time!