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July 7, 2020


“Reduce, re-use, repair, repurpose” and now re-think. There’s a lot of that going on these days and SeeingSquared is no exception. I’m re-defining my focus, re-organizing my studio, re-evaluating my social media, and re-building my website.

It’s all a bit of a mess right now, but if you bear with me, I think you’ll enjoy the new version when it emerges.

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March 23, 2020.

After months of planning and preparations, we were into the home stretch with Chapter 3 of our Novel Attire show within view.  The storyline was developed, models and outfits were matched up, tickets were on sale, and suddenly COVID-19 marched in with a giant club and pounded us into the ground.

OK, that’s not actually how it went, but that’s how it feels to so many people around the world.  Long-anticipated plans hijacked and we are all sent to our homes to hunker down and hope this passes us by.  Community resources shuttered and our only connections with neighbours now dependent on the social media we’ve loved to hate over the last while.

At SeeingSquared the first obvious step was to postpone Novel Attire Chapter 3.  It’s not cancelled.  It’s carefully packed up in a box, ready to pull out and run when the powers that be determine that is appropriate.

Next, we started working on Chapter 4.  There was no reason to sit around waiting.  The theme is set (1001 Canadian Nights), the stories are starting to flow, and from them will come the garment designs and all the rest.

The hard part is looking at the long-term.  No one knows how long COVID-19 will have us in hiding.  Some say a few months, others warn that it could be a year or more.  What does this do to our businesses?  Social distancing changes shopping and classes and custom services but doesn’t necessarily remove the needs for those things.  Delivering what is needed is the challenge and that’s what we’re all having to work through now. 

There’s a lot at stake and it’s not just financial.  We need each other as much as we need the groceries and health care that are rumoured to be in short supply.  I’m not sure how my business will best fit in this new community but adjustments are coming.  That’s a given.  Watch here for details.

In the meantime, wash your hands, disinfect your phone, and then call someone – actually talk to them instead of texting.  Let’s renew the art of conversation.