Going to market at Open Streets Festival, Waterloo

Preparing for an Arts Market booth at the Open Streets Festival in Waterloo, the picture shows a rack of clothing on the right with several garments hung on display mannequins on the left

What a scramble! The last time I was part of an in-person public event was pre-Covid. I’m out of practice. The City of Waterloo hosts Open Streets Festival on Saturday, June 11 and I’m excited to say I’ve got a spot in the Arts Market that day. With only three weeks to go, it’s time to make decisions on what I take and how I set it all up.

Open Streets Festival is an annual outdoor event in Uptown Waterloo. Access is easy by public transit, bike paths, or on foot. There is also free parking nearby for those who need to drive. Waterloo Park is a lovely spot for a wander or a picnic and it is just a few minutes walk away. (So is the public library – my favourite uptown destination.)

So come on over to Uptown Waterloo on Saturday, June 11. The Arts Market will be set up at Waterloo Public Square/Willis Way. It’s open 10 am – 4 pm and I’ll be there, rain or shine.

The City of Waterloo, Open Streets Festival official link is here.