37 minutes of fame – how my work ended up at the Fashion History Museum

Carol and Rachel (from the Fashion History Museum) are looking at a tunic Carol made from a shirt and a lace curtain valance.

They say it’s all about who you know. A few years ago I instigated an annual event called “Novel Attire…not your usual fashion show.” It promised “fun, fashion, and perhaps a hint of madness.” One of my collaborators/co-conspirators was Rachel Behling of Auburn Vintage Clothiers, who is now also working with the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge, ON. Rachel asked, on behalf of the Museum, if she could interview me about my design process. Of course I agreed!

Rachel watches as Carol explains the process of turning a damaged and dated dress into a versatile dress/tunic.
Carol talks Rachel through the design and decision-making process of rehabilitating a damaged dress.

Rachel visited my studio where we talked about how I sort and organize my materials, where ideas come from, how I convert concepts into actual products, and how waste is recaptured. We looked at finished garments and other pieces that are still in the works.

Rachel is modeling a cape that Carol made from a stained coat.  The cape is decorated with gigantic buttercup flowers and leaves
Rachel tries on the “Buttercup cape,” which started out as a coat with prominent stains.

So now my work is part of the virtual collection at the Fashion History Museum! The interview is posted here on the Museum’s YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it!