Flower fairy figurine


Each flower fairy figurine is different and comes with her own name.To adopt your very own fairy figurine, just indicate your preferences by filling out the forms below.

If you want several fairies all with the same colour theme, you can fill out the form once and just increase the quantity.  If you want fairies with different colour themes, you will need to fill out a separate from for each one (unless you can squeeze clear instructions in that one text box).

Please note that if you list several colours and order several fairies, we will assume that you want all of those colours on each of the fairies.

Skirt length
Headbead colour


The figures are about 5-7 cm/2-3″ tall depending on what sort of hat and hair style they have.

Arms and legs have wire inside so they can be moved and posed.

All ingredients except the glue and name tag are reclaimed waste or thrift items.

These figurines are for decorative purposes only and are not suitable as toys for very young children.

To order fairies with hanging loops, look for the “Flower fairy ornament” instead.

Flower fairy figurine