Red denim and leaves skirt


One of a kind skirt made from red jeans, with floral flounce and fabric leaves.  Sized for petites.

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A pair of red jeans was the foundation for this one of a kind skirt.  A spill had stained the legs but the top portion was still in very good shape.  Add a floral print and some leaves from an unwanted garland, and presto! – a fun skirt emerges.

Skirts with pockets are a rarity but this one has lots of them.

The original jeans were Ann Taylor LOFT petites, size 4P.  They are 98% cotton, 2% spandex.  The floral print behaves and tests as if it is cotton but it was not labelled so I can’t guarantee that.  The leaves are a synthetic fabric, probably polyester.

Is it machine washable?  Absolutely.  Those leaves will soften up and fray slightly around their edges after the first washing or two.  After that, you won’t notice much change.  (If you want to see how I tested that, check out my blog article here.)

Garment measurements:

Waist:  79 cm (31″)

Hips:  94 cm (37″)

Waist to hem:  53 cm (21″)