Novel Attire Chapter 2: Highlights

Here are some of our favourite parts from Chapter 2.

Novel Attire Chapter 2:  Still not your usual fashion show
The christening of Bramble Rose
Guests arrive
Guests bring gifts
L-la land - preparing for a long sleep
Master gardener
Mary, Mary
Marketing Head
Sales staff
Would the real Cleopatra please stand up?
Cleopatra at home
Cleopatra and Isis
Cleopatra the smart one
A wrinkle in rhyme
Lavender isn't blue or green, it's purple
Sunny Sally went to town
Hollywood stargazing
Dainty Dinah, dress designer
Connor's Free Speech jacket
If I were a mermaid...
Row, row, row your boat
Sporty mermaid
Melusina, bathrobe mermaid
Polar ice mermaid
Coral reef mermaid
Co-nan the barbarian, and his descendants
The original Co-nan
Co-nan the libertarian
Co-nan the vegetarian
Co-nan the librarian
Duelling divas:  Thumbelina VS Tinkerbell
Everything's coming up roses
Rosa Mundi
Midnight blue
Tuscany superb
Rio Samba!
Blue for you
Closing song