Novel Attire

Book your calendar – Novel Attire chapter 4 is in the works: Saturday, August 12, 2023 with Chef Duff at RiverSong.

Highlights from previous chapters:

Chapter 1: Dueling Divas

The Queen of Hearts – an original Novel Attire Diva
Cruella – her Dueling Divas adversary.

What if the Queen of Hearts, and Cruella were sisters? What would they fight over? The missing tarts, of course!

Cruella and the Queen of Hearts argue over what really happened to the missing baked goods.
What really happened to the missing baked goods? and who baked them in the first place?

They weren’t tarts, and Queenie didn’t bake them herself. (They came from Wilderly Bakery.) Did Jack really steal them? Our audience heard the arguments and then voted to determine the true culprit.