TGIF – part 2

The lower part of a leg is shown with a shackle and a ball and chain. The shackle says "Rights" and the ball says "Responsibilities."

This second panel from TGIF is called “Rights.”

If we claim that certain rights are basic, then we have the responsibility to safeguard them for everyone, not just ourselves. And if we want expanded rights, then we need to shoulder the additional responsibilities that come with them. That’s how I see it, anyway.

The first TGIF panel, “Freedom,” is posted here.

The third panel will be posted soon.

Ready, set, go!

Welcome to my blog! After years of protesting that a blog was the last thing I wanted to be locked into, here I am setting one up. What happened?

I changed my mind.

I was looking for a way to go beyond “This is what I made. Please buy it!” I can’t reduce, re-use, repair, repurpose the whole world on my own. I can’t even hire enough people to make that happen. But if I can help others see the same beauty and creative possibilities around them that I do, then maybe, just maybe, we can start to appreciate what we already have instead of constantly clamouring for more.

So the plan is to share techniques, tools, projects, and inspiration sources, along with whatever else seems right. Some things will work for absolute beginners but that doesn’t mean I won’t also share more advanced stuff.

I’m excited to start this new venture but I still don’t like the thought of being chained to my computer. That’s why I’ve been so resistant to blogging for so long. I loooove my unplugged days and I need them to maintain my (own personal version of) sanity. So please be patient if you leave comments or questions. You’re unlikely to get an immediate response but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you. I’ll check on things every day or so and you’ll have my full attention then. Thank you for understanding, I hope you keep reading!